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The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM | Lil Boosie Interview With Angela Yee

Lil Boosie is finally home and he set down with Power 105.1 the breakfast club’s Angela Yee……. #welcomehomeboosie

Notorious B.I.G Last Performance March 7th 1997 Los Angeles (RIP Biggie)

Last Performance from the Late Great Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) at the 1997 Soul Train Awards



Press Release: The Dark Truth about the City of South Bend,Indiana…
What you’re about to read is the unspoken dark truth from Oliver “DjBigO317” Jackson formerly of South Bend,Indiana and the creator of the National Anti Bullying Bully Basher Tour based out of Indianapolis,Indiana. There is a lot of Bullying (Profiling) that goes on from the top of Civil Government all the way down to city employees. The hiring practice is “let keep it in the family” or all in who you know. With the Big Brother Bully tactics also known as (Profiling). So if our city officials are bullying citizens the tax payers who pay their salaries are mistreated like common criminals.
Lets be real folks when you say South Bend,Indiana you think of Notre Dame, you think of high-end incomes great paying jobs but that far from the truth. Over the last 10 years Notre Dame has purchased a little more than a 3rd of the northeast side of town. Yes the university brings in Millions into our economy during football season. But out of the millions of dollars coming into St.Joe co. more than 2/3rd is spent in the city of Mishawaka because of the eateries, hotels & stores. The city is truly racially divided when you come into the city off of Western Ave (The Westside) SR 2, L.W.W (NorthWest Side) US20, Michigan St (South & Southeast Side) US31. Development on these sides of town is slow if any period, The Neighborhoods when you enter the city from these 3 sides of town look like we will be heading in the same direction as downtown Gary,Indiana in Lake co.
Here is the racial divide it starts at the Top in City of South Bend Elected and Appointed Employees as of 31 Dec 2012 by Gender, Ethnicity; incl 8 members of Common Council. 3 minorities black ( 2 Males & 1 female) 19 white (15 males & 4 females) info provide by Census Data. The city also has a “Rainy Day” that is used for any possible lawsuits that could be settled out of court history has shown that the city has been paying out due to the police dept use of excessive force among other things.
The city has a lot of wasteful spending like any other city in america that is due  to poor leadership in our civil government. For example
the unemployment rate for South Bend-Mishawaka, Indiana was 9.4% in June 2013. South Bend has a 11.4% unemployment rate but it is higher in minority areas and we are not talking about the chronically unemployed. So, the City of South Bend has about a 20% unemployment rate (100k pop./20k unemployed). The city has been divided by the river such as the situation with St Joe, MI and Benton Harbor.The economics of SB has been greatly divided by the political landscape when the winners and losers are chosen by the Mayor’s office and some folks on the Common Council. Out of that more than 2/3rd are minorities that are either underemployed or unemployed. The city lost (7) of its major employers New Energy, Honeywell, Bosch, Clark Foods, Citi Group Statement Processing Plant & Bowe Statement Processing, AJWright & that is not including AM General layoffs in Mishawaka after the city gave away Millions of tax abatement to company’s that are no longer in South Bend,Indiana. The city has deeper issues starting with the leadership in Civil Government the Mayor’s office & Police Department have racial lawsuits pending against them for Racial Profiling & wiretapping a former Black Police Chief. Former South Bend Police Chief Darryl Boykins is suing the mayor and the mayor’s chief of staff, claiming the two conspired to get rid of him. (Sources: The South Bend Tribune June 3, 2013) (Sources: Boykins resigned March 2012 as Police Chief do to Mayor Pete Buttigieg Abc57News, WNDU, WSBT & Fox28News) Fast forward now another city minority whom also holds a civil position 2nd District Councilman Henry Davis Jr. has become a victim of racial profiling by the City of South Bend Police Dept. an investigation is currently been conducted at the request of councilman Henry Davis Jr. Now Councilman Henry Davis Jr. is receiving Death Threats via phone. Which Councilman Davis requested police protection & asked the FBI to look into the matter. (Sources: South Bend Tribune, WSBT, WNDU, FOX28 & ABC57News)

When city officials whom are minorities with a high-profile image start speaking of racial profiling & that they fell victim too it people tend to listen because of their position. Now keep in mind I have been a victim of racial profiling (Bullying) many times by the South Bend Police Dept. Its called driving while black, driving a nice vehicle were I was snatched out of the car along with a friend & my teenage son we were held at gunpoint laid face down on the street 5 blocks away from my house. The driver whom happened to be an entertainer was snatched out of the car & beaten where he got his front teeth knocked out & taken to jail (No Warrants). The Police Dept. needs Racial Sensitivity Training. Just because the Police Dept. has a Black in the Internal Affairs Dept. does not mean you have Sensitivity Training like I told the Police officers on scene. I had No Warrants nor did my son. But when a young black male my son see the white police officers use excessive force for no reason, this builds up hate and kids grow up not to trust the police and officials . I am a disabled military veteran but I was treated like I was a terrorist over in Afghanistan & Iraq that I used to hunt! I am the voice of 100’s that have been victimized to this in the City of South Bend,Indiana yes some have criminal records and some don’t, what really happen to the justice system. The Police Dept. will profile you by Race, Clothing you wear, Hair style you wear, Cars you drive & the side of town you either live in or drive thru.

Media Contact
Mrs.Charlee Smile
Public Relations

Media Contact
Oliver “DjBigO317” Jackson
Anti Bullying Bully Basher Tour

2pac’s Indiana Black Expo Speech From 1993 (20 Years Later)

2pac Shakur came to my hometown Indianapolis, Indiana in 1993 to speak at the IBE, (Indiana Black Expo) it has been 20 years since his speech……





Wale Predicted To Score First Number 1 Album Of His Career


DMV emcee Wale may have real reason to celebrate in the coming days. Billboard is reporting that the MMG member is on pace to sell around 150,000 copies of his new album The Gifted this week. That total would be enough for the LP to land in the top spot on the album chart. It will be the first time that Wale had the number one album in the country.

Wale’s previous project Ambition opened in the number two spot in 2011 with 164,000 units sold. His debut album, Attention Deficit, only sold 28,000 copies in its debut week.

The Gifted was boosted by the Top-40 hit “Bad” which peaked at number 25 on the Hot 100 chart. The Tiara Thomas assisted single was the biggest hit of Wale’s career so far.

Billboard also points out if Wale’s The Gifted opens in the top spot, it would be the first time in two years that Hip Hop albums have been #1 on the album chart for two consecutive weeks. Kanye West’s Yeezus will be number one on this week’s chart.






On Wednesday (June 19), Revolt TV, the upcoming music cable network spearheaded by Sean “Diddy” Combs, took a major step forward by announcing a national distribution deal with Time Warner Cable. Combs, Revolt’s majority shareholder who will launch the venture this fall along with MTV veteran Andy Schuon, calls Revolt “the most exciting thing I’ve done in my business career” — and one that signals a decreased recording output in the near future for the rapper.

“It’s an evolution for me,” says Combs, whose last official album was the 2010 Diddy-Dirty Money project “Last Train To Paris.” “I think I will personally be putting out less music, and I’ll be going into that phase of empowering the next artists… I feel a musical and artistic responsibility to do one of the things I do best, which is framing people in the right way and marketing them in the right way. I never got the award for [being] the best lyricist, but I was definitely up there for being one of the best marketers and best coaches. I think that I’m evolving into that, and that’s just as fun, even more fun, for me.”

In February 2012, Revolt announced a partnership with Comcast — the United States’ largest cable provider with more than 22 million subscribers at the time — and a 2013 launch date for the network. The deal was part of a diversity initiative from Comcast with the goal of launching four minority-owned networks, with NBA star Magic Johnson and director Robert Rodriguez also scoring distribution deals for their projects.

The newly unveiled Time Warner partnership adds nearly 12 million current customers to Revolt’s potential viewership when the channel debuts later this year, with programs that Combs says will carry a certain “rawness” to them to complement the heavy emphasis on airing music videos.

“We will not be doing a bunch of reality shows,” says Combs, alluding to the current lack of music programming on MTV. “We’ll be doing music-driven shows that will be exposing you to the discovery and curation of new talent. We’ll also be doing in-depth interviews and shows that will go into social issues with different panels and debaters of the culture. We’ll be doing our version of a Barbara Walters/Oprah interview, but with someone from this generation, and of this generation. We’ll be going to where the pulse of music is happening, and we’ll be covering it in the way ESPN will cover a sports story, with that level of urgency and seriousness.”

Combs acknowledges that his personal affinity for music videos has colored his desire to turn Revolt into a hub for the art form; the 43-year-old says that he “can’t imagine” his life without having watched the iconic “Thriller” or “Walk This Way” clips at a young age. And although current music videos are largely constructed with minuscule budgets and digested for free on computer screens, Combs remembers the thrilling feeling of watching the bombastic, money-burning videos of the mid-90s — many of which were his own product — and believes that music fans are still craving that visual limitlessness.

“We were shooting million-dollar videos with [directors] Spike Jonze and Mark Romanek, shooting videos like ‘Victory’ and using actors like Ben Stiller in ‘Bad Boy For Life,’ and being able to be creative on a hip-hop level and appeal to the masses,” Combs recalls. “It gave me another outlet of expression as an entertainer, a key piece of the experience. Now, that key piece is missing. Now, you find a video and you may see it for the first time on your phone, and you may not see the details of it or feel the emotion of it. Every director wants to see their video on the big screen and framed in the right light.”

The launch of Revolt TV will follow a period in which Combs’ focus has swiveled away from his output as a musician: after releasing three full-lengths and a remix album between 1997 and 2002, Diddy has only issued two albums, 2006’s “Press Play” and the more experimental “Last Train To Paris,” since then. Instead, Combs has spent the past decade expanding his portfolio as an entrepreneur. His equity stake in Diageo’s Ciroc, inked in 2007, has netted the mogul over $100 million in revenue over the last six years, and helped the then-struggling vodka become a leader in its category. It’s also inspired over a dozen copycat deals in its wake (Pitbull’s Voli, Ne-Yo’s Malibu Red, Kid Rock’s stake in Jim a Beam, etc.) and prompted Diddy to dub himself “Ciroc Obama.” Add his clothing lines Sean John and Enyce, his investment in marketing firm Blue Flame, and it’s no surprise Diddy was named Forbes’ No. 1 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist in 2012, with earnings of $550 million.

Although details on the specific shows airing on Revolt and Combs’ involvement in each of them remain scarce, Combs wants to make it clear that he will not be the star of his latest project.

“This is not ‘The Diddy Channel,'” he says. “This is the channel for the artist, for the fans, and the new contemporary art forms… It’s going to take a long time to do it right and it’s going to be hard, but I’m up to the challenge.”



Legend Tupac Shakur to receive posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2014



Tupac Shakur is scheduled to receive a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2014, according to Variety. The announcement was made yesterday (June 20) by the Hollywood Walk of Fame committee chairman David Green at a ceremony where Jennifer Lopez received her star, the 2,500th star awarded.

Shakur, who recorded music as 2Pac, will be awarded his star for his recording career. After touring as a roadie and dancer for Digital Underground, he earned his first major national notoriety when he appeared on Digital Underground’s 1991 single “Same Song,” which was featured in the film Nothing But Trouble. Later that year, Shakur released his debut album, 2Pacalypse Now. The 13-cut collection featured the singles “Trapped,” which discussed police brutality, and “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” which focused on a 12-year-old girl who became pregnant after being sexually abused.

Shakur’s next album, 1993’s Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…, included the hit singles “Keep Ya Head Up” and “I Get Around.” His third album, 1995’s Me Against The World, was released in the aftermath of his being shot in November 1994 while attending a recording session in New York and his being sentenced to prison in February 1995 for sexually abusing a fan in 1993. Me Against The World featured the single “Dear Mama,” an ode to Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur. The collection also showcased Shakur exploring fear and paranoia in more detail than he had before, as evident on such selections as “If I Die 2Nite,” “So Many Tears” and “Death Around The Corner.” With Me Against The World, Tupac Shakur became the first artist to have an album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 while serving time in prison.

While incarcerated, Shakur was recruited by Death Row Records, which signed him to a recording contract and arranged for his release from prison. Shakur then teamed with Dr. Dre for “California Love” soon after his release from prison. The 1995 single marked his Death Row debut. Shakur’s first album for Death Row, 1996’s double disc All Eyez On Me, is one of the best-selling albums in Rap history and includes the singles “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “How Do You Want It.” Shakur was killed in September 1996 in a still-unsolved drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He sold more than 38.5 million albums in his career, according to riaa.com.

Shakur was also an accomplished actor, having appeared in a number of high-profile films, including 1992’s Juice, which also featured Omar Epps and Samuel L. Jackson. The film featured Shakur in his breakthrough role as the troubled character Bishop. Shakur’s other notable roles included the postal worker Lucky in 1993’s Poetic Justice and corrupt police officer Det. Rodriguez in 1997’s Gang Related.






LAS VEGAS – The countdown to the end of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s legendary career began on Saturday with a brilliant performance in a victory over Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand Garden.
Mayweather rolled his record to 44-0 and kept alive a dream to end his career with a perfect mark.

He signed a six-fight, 30-month contract with Showtime in February –  likely his final contract – and he started it off on the right foot.

Floyd Mayweather punches Robert Guerrero their WBC welterweight title fight. (USA Today)

Floyd Mayweather punches Robert Guerrero their WBC welterweight title fight. (USA Today)

He won a unanimous decision, with all three judges seeing it 117-111, to keep his WBC welterweight title.

Though Guerrero’s trainer and father Ruben Guerrero shouted at the conclusion, “He ran like a chicken, baby,” it was a masterful boxing performance by Mayweather.

Guerrero tried to pressure Mayweather, but Mayweather had none of it. Guerrero had some success pinning Mayweather in the corner in the first two rounds, but after that, Mayweather used his lateral movement and a laser accurate right hand to pummel Guerrero.

He landed more than 60 percent of his power punches and was never in danger. Only Guerrero’s solid chin kept him from being stopped. He repeatedly took clean, hard shots from Mayweather.

Mayweather said he was injured in the middle of the fight, but he didn’t show it.

He landed 195 of 476 punches and landed 153 of 254 power shots.

Robert Guerrero sits in his corner after the fifth round. (AP)Robert Guerrero sits in his corner after the fifth round. (AP) “I don’t remember what round it was, but I hurt my right hand,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather rarely took two punches in a row during the fight and was able to spin away or duck under trouble. He reunited with his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and brought back the defensive brilliance that his father preaches.

“My father always talks defense first,” Mayweather said.

Guerrero praised Mayweather for his performance.

“That’s why he’s the best,” Guerrero said, shaking his head.

Guerrero said “he was slipping by the britches,” and noted that Mayweather was very difficult to hit.

It wasn’t one of Mayweather’s classic performances, but that probably was not that much of a surprise given he was coming off a 57-day stint in the Clark County Detention Center on a domestic violence charge and hadn’t fought in a year.

But if that was Mayweather at less than his best, it showed how great he is because he routed a quality fighter on Saturday.

Guerrero landed just 113 of 581 punches overall, and had dozens of his punches picked off or blocked by Mayweather.

“Give him credit,” Guerrero said.

Unless he moves up in weight, there aren’t a lot of great challenges to Mayweather remaining, particularly if he gets past a likely bout with Canelo Alvarez. Alvarez defeated Austin Trout on April 20, and a bout with Mayweather is likely the biggest pay-per-view bout that can be made.

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