Indianapolis Has 2 Of Nation’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

INDIANAPOLIS – A data and risk analysis company issued a report Monday that lists two Indianapolis neighborhoods among the 25 most dangerous in the United States.

The report shows the ranked neighborhoods are in the same general area on the city’s north side.

The first area is along Meridian and Illinois streets and Capitol Avenue north of 30th Street. The report ranks that area as the 17th most dangerous.

The 20th ranked neighborhood is just to the west of Interstate 65 between 30th Street and the White River.

“Even the most dangerous cities in America can have relatively safe neighborhoods. There is really more variation in crime within most cities than between cities,” said Andrew Schiller, CEO of Location, Inc., which owns

The company said it came up with the list by referencing FBI crime data, developing a formula to predict violent crime per 1,000 neighborhood residents.

Indianapolis police said both neighborhoods are part of the 46208 ZIP code, which accounts for 40 percent of the city’s homicides each year.

“An overwhelmingly amount of time, those people know each other, so stranger violent crime is really more rare,” said Indianapolis police Major Tom Kern.

Shortridge Magnet High School and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum are both located on the edges of the dangerous neighborhoods.

The museum’s head of security said crime is low there, with 24-hour security and 200 cameras to keep visitors safe. 

“As a result of our round-the-clock efforts to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we have never had any of the types of crimes described on the Neighborhood Scout website occur in our building or on our campus,” Brian Statz, museum vice president of operations and general counsel, said in a statement. “The museum is a proud member of our neighborhood, and will continue to work with our neighbors and the city to improve in all aspects of the quality of life for all residents and those visiting the neighborhood.”

“In the morning, when I get here and it’s dark, I’m looking over my shoulder a little bit,” said Brandy Auditore, who works in the neighborhood.

“I noticed there’s a lot of people walking around, homeless people, maybe drug addicts I don’t know, but I feel pretty safe,” said Carmenna Shirley, who also works in the neighborhood.

People who live in those neighborhoods have a one in 14 chance of being a victim of violent crime if they live there a year, according to the company.

The violent crime referenced in the report includes murder, rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Detroit has the top three most dangerous neighborhoods, according to the report, and four of the top 25 are in Chicago.

“At one point, the picture of crime-ridden areas of America were high-rise tenements, like the famous Cabrini-Green (in Chicago). But now, we see that most of this is not the case,” Schiller said. “It seems to be dominated by single-family homes, whether they’re owned or not, with a lot of extraordinarily high vacancy rates.”Image


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